Sunday, October 14, 2007

Project almost done

Hi guys,

The project is almost up to the final stage. We are still adding the finishing touches of building it. At the same time, we’re testing the already completed parts of the database. These included the GUI and functionality testing for the Asset Module. User manuals are at the very preliminary stage and we cannot do anymore until Aaron and Tari have finished building.

The major problem for us now seems to be getting the coding finished on time. This seems rather difficult at this stage. So far, the coders have been meeting up every single day, but when they hit problems, they tell me that it takes a long time to overcome them. So worse comes to worse, we will hand in the test documentation on time (on as much as we have tested) and the User manuals will be developed with regards to the most likely way the system will be implemented.

The major reason for our time constraint was the 4-week delay we encountered at the start of semester 2, when it took 4 weeks for My-SQL to be set up in the K block labs. This held us back significantly and we are way behind other groups in terms of building. Despite our early requests for it to be set up, it was quite disappointing that it took 4 weeks to be finally set up. Therefore, we could not start coding till after those 4 weeks. I’m confident that if we even had 2 more extra weeks (instead of 4), we would be well on our way to finishing the project by now.

The biggest challenge within the next week or so will be getting the client sign-off based on what we have managed to code so far. Hopefully, we can convince them that ‘this is what the end system will be like’. However, we do have some of the major functionality working now. It is only a few more things we have to do. So hopefully by this Friday (when our next client meeting is), we will have something to present to the client.

Fingers crossed.

It’s 2.17am now so I’m off to sleep


Sunday, October 7, 2007

2 weeks of uni left!

Hey there peeps,

Omg, we have juz 2 weeks of uni left!
Well, last week was the mid-sem break so I had an excuse not to blog…lol. Anyways, the building and testing is running simultaneously at the moment, with Tar and Aaron working tirelessly night and day to get the database up and running as ‘streamlined’ and ‘efficiently’ as initially promised at the start of the year! Thusiya and Ishara and myself have been involved in creating test cases over the past week or so and we have managed to come up with multiple likely scenarios that the typical users will encounter. Based on these, we have developed appropriate test cases to test every single possible implicit assertion that was integrated into our system. These scenarios have also been helpful for us in considering the types of ‘Help’ functions to create. Other than that, I feel pretty confident in delivering the system on time with a significant standard of quality assurance.

Other than IE, I’ve been studying for exams already coz I got 2 exams on the same day on the first week! I kno it sux….but gona have to deal wit it.

Also, it's hard to believe that I'll be finishing uni in two weeks time. Thinking back to my first day at uni back in first year (2004), it seems like yesterday. It's kinda sad in a way, but on the other hand I cant wait to finish, which would eventually bring some closure to all this study and exams and assignments. It would be awesome juz to get the feeling that there will be no more tests or exams in 2 or 3 weeks time. But of course then we gota look for work....but i'm desperately in need of a vacation first of all...LOL.

At the moment it's 1.55am and I'm so tired from catchin up on some previous tute work for accounting. So I think I shud head off and snooze catch ya later. :)


Monday, September 24, 2007

Some good news

Hola senoras and mah sexy senoritas,

I've juz been on the phone to Aaron and he has confirmed some good news....we can finally start testing one of the major modules (Asset Form) by the end of this week. We intend to conduct user acceptance testing and module testing. However, we will only do GUI testing if we think its necessary and if we have time, since the client did not place a heavy emphasis on the GUI. Therefore, we intend to get stuck into creating test plans and writing the test report while conducting tests.

Also, we need to get started on user manuals. We intend to only make one big user manual intended for our client, since they will be the only ones (or people with similar knowledge and expertise) that will use this system. Therefore, it would be pointless to create a user manual for the general public.

Now that all my assignments have finished, I have been catching up on some tute work for my other subjects and I intend to use this mid-sem break to study for exams. I got 2 exams on the same freakin' day! It's never happened to me before....has to happen on the final semester in my final year! Those 2 subjects have the most amount of theory as well! So I'm gona ensure I'm damn well!

On friday night, I went out clubbin wit a few frenz...after quite a while...didnt drink tho...stayed nice and kinda nice to be sober when out clubbin (for a change!) We ended up hittin Bond Bar in the city (this sazzy lil' place juz off Flinders street). Met a few chicks too :P:)

Anyways, I'll leave u to ponder wat happened after that...I'm gona hit the bed 2.00 am!

Nitey nite amigos! :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Wow I'm soooo tired! Just finished my last assignment (for marketing). That was officially the last assignment in my entire uni life. Phew! Now I just got exams and IE to worry So at the moment i'm juz chillaxin' wit a lil' bit of Rn'b (Lloyd ft Nina Sky - Get it shawty & b4 that it was Dr. Dre and 2Pac - California Love) Ohh and watchin the ICC 20/20 match b/w Australia and Bangladesh....Aust is whoopin ass!!!

In terms of IE, we are nearly done building the system and will start testing over the mid-sem break. Also, we shall simultaneously start on user manuals. So its gona get pretty hectic. Over the implemetation period, the programmers have hit a little bit of a problem and that has slowed down the whole process a little. But its nothing too big and nothing team Velocitec cant handle. lol.

Ohh hang on ...Australia officially won the match just now....124 runs and 1 wicket (Australia) defeats Bangladesh's 122 all out..Lol!!..hilarious....wats even more funny is ricky ponting's smile on his face as if hez just won the damn world cup!....for gods sake it bloody bangladesh! They're shit! Get over it Ricky!!! That guy's way too up himself! Even more than brett lee!

Anyways I got work 2moro at 9am. So goin to sleep now....catch ya l8er :)

Nite and peace out!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Building, Testing, Clients, Rugby World Cup '07 and some stuff in between

Hi all.

Only 6 more weeks of uni left (including mid semester break). So it’s time to get cracking on testing soon, hopefully by the end of this week. But there’s a lot of building yet to be done and we are striving to get that done by the end of the week so we can start testing. Last Tuesday, me and Aaron met up with Bill (our client) and we gave him a copy of the legal documents and also showed him a few prototype interface screenshots of the database. The meeting went well and went for about 20 minutes (Bill was on the phone to someone for 15 minutes, and the rest of the 5 minutes we talked about the database … lol).

But the good thing about Bill is that he’s not as fussy as Andrew…Bill juz looks at our design and goes “ohh yep, yep, I see wat u hav done there…nice nice…ok ok…cool….i like that yes…of course I know where ur coming from…” and so on. But Andrew is a bit of a pain in the wrong….he would query nearly everything and ask really complex questions like we’re sitting for a bloody exam!!!…lol…damn engineers! Aaron can do a really good impersonation of Bill and how he talks…hilarious!.. :)

Ok, enuff about the clients. Tarindra and Aaron have been working relentlessly on the implementation of the system. Thusiya and Ishara are involved in a bit of designing of the screens and telling Aaron “hmmm good design but this and that shud be added” or “ooooh that looks pretty in pink!”….lol…lmao! I have been slowly updating the documentation as we go along (such as the functional spec and also the detailed design, with the help of Tar and Aaron). We will hand them in by week 10.

At the moment I’m watching the Rugby World Cup (South Africa vs Samoa) and I watched New Zealand vs Italy, and Australia vs Japan yesterday. Great games – Japan and italy got their asses whooped! All Black and wallabie legends! Cant wait for the finals!

So I guess that’s it for now. Cya next time. :)


Saturday, September 1, 2007

5 more weeks of uni left

Aloha again!

Wow another week has flewn by, leaving us with just 5 short weeks to deliver the project to the client. It's interesting to see how we said 'yep, no problems, we can finish this project by week 8 or :) and it's the start of week 8 now and implentation's only about 50% complete. I heard Aaron and Tari are goin to work on it some more and get it up to about 70% by the end of this week. This is because we have planned to have testing finished by the end of the mid-sem break. So we have weeks 11 and 12 to fully finish off updating any documentation, prepare for our presentation (ohh and not to forget, finish off the user manuals...which will be started on very soon). So that's the low-down on the project status at the moment.

This week has been quite a hectic run, with assignments and all....but the gud news is I only have 2 more assignments left in my whole university it will be that way if i pass everything at the end of the year....which i sincerely hope i do!!! One of them is a 3000 word essay (due week 10) ...and this auditing assignment (also due week 10)....u can imagine how much I cant wait till week 10 is over!!!!....Ahh well, then it will be exam cram time...(not to forget the final phases of IE of course!)

On a totally unrelated matter, me and a couple of friends ended up watching Starsky and Hutch last nyte at a friend's place. Never seen that movie before....but it was gud...worth a :) It had a couple of hot chix in it too (one of them was Carmen Electra...dayummm!!!).lol.....made the experience even more worthwhile...haha..:) Apart from that, I really wana see Bourne Ultimatum, but its so hard these days to get time out coz of bloody uni work! Also, Rush Hour 3 is coming out...and I definitely gona see that on sept will be the mid-sem break by then, so that shud be ok.

Finally, spring has sprung and I can look 4wd to some long-awaited warm weather coming up..yay! :)

Anyways, time for bed :)....damn it's 2.15 am already!

Nite nite...dont let da bed bugs really, look out for bed bugs!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

week 6 gone


6 weeks of the semester have flown by. We are in the process of implementation and currently, we're happy with the progress that we're making. At the moment, I'm also juggling 3 assignmnets and 2 mid-sem tests. Cant wait till week end of week 10...all assignments will be finished (except for IE)...and we can work on more IE during the mid-sem then we'll be working on user manuals and finishing off testing. And of course, we'll need to prepare for our final presentation. Whole lotta things to look forward :)

Our clients have been quite dormant for the past 2 weeks.....havent heard from them...therefore, i'm assuming that there are no dramas and all is gud for us to be building the system as agreed at the meeting.

Also, I have talked to some other teams to see where they're up to in their projects....and most teams still seem to be building as well...i dont think anyone's started testing yet.

Wow it was 21 degrees today...and will be 25 tomoro....and 2 days later it will be 16 about melbourne weather!!!

It's 2.00 am now...and I remembered to blog juz b4 i i gota get up 4 work early 8-ish..gota be there at i better be off then.


Nite nite :)